Photo Credit: Nitya Narasimhan


Any community is only as good as the people that help make it a success. GDG New York is a community-run and community-focused organization that supports the education, information, networking and career development needs of its members with respect to the technology industry. We are an official Google Developers Community.

However, while we sometimes receive support from Google (e.g., venue hosting, training resources & speakers, funding for specific signature events etc.), we are in fact an independently-run organization that partners with a wide variety of companies, peer groups and individual collaborators to support the NYC developer community.

Our opinions are our own (and do not in any way reflect that of Google or any other organization with whom we collaborate or partner).

Core Team

The GDG NYC chapter is a reboot of the original GDG New York chapter that pre-dated this current organization. Because of that, you may see both “GDG NYC” and “GDG New York” being used interchangeably in various contexts.

The GDG NYC chapter reboot occurred in April 2016. In this context, the co-founders of the new GDG NYC are Ralph Yozzo (@fedex) and Nitya Narasimhan (@nitya) who act as the core organizers of this chapter.

Over the past year, our rapid growth has led to us adding new members to the team in various capacities. These include:

  • Gautam Arora (@gautam), who partnered with us in Fall 2016 to host and run the first Machine Learning Camp at Conde Nast.
  • Lakshma Devarapalli, who joins us in 2017 as an Assistant Organizer, helping us manage our Meetup logistics.
  • Donna Chen, who joins us in 2017 as an Assistant Organizer, responsible for helping us capturing and sharing our stories on Social Media.

As we continue to grow, we hope to add more members to the team to support new initiatives.


In addition to the core team, we have many volunteers who have stepped in to help us on different occasions, from helping us with registration at our earliest events, to being part of the team that organized the first DevFestNYC.

TBD: We will be updating this section with the names/roles of volunteers who have been a key to our success


We want to acknowledge with gratitude, a few key partners who have supported us in various ways over the tenure of our chapter’s existence. These include:

  • Google NYC. For hosting us once a month for our regular “Meetup” events in Chelsea market and helping connect us to various Developer Advocates and Engineers there in response to speaker requests.
  • Google Developer Relations. For providing us invaluable resources like developer codelabs and presentation content, and some sponsorship for signature events like IO Extended.
  • General Assembly NYC. For hosting us at their NYC offices on multiple occasions, for signature events outside our regular meetup schedule.
  • Conde Nast. For hosting us at their NYC offices during our inaugural Machine Learning Study Camp (8 week) series in Fall 2016.
  • O’Reilly Media. For providing us with valuable giveaways (e.g., ebooks), promotions (e.g., discounts to signature conferences) and opportunities for collaboration as part of their Partner Program.


We’d like to use this space to acknowledge and thank a few key sponsors who have provided us support with funding, prizes or other promotional items, that have been invaluable in helping organize and run signature events for the community.

  • AndroidCampNYC 2016 / Thanks to Udacity (Nanodegree discounts) and United Nations (venue). Organized by OpenCamps.
  • MLCamp NYC 2016 / Thanks to Conde Nast and Udacity.
  • DevFestNYC 2016 / Thanks to Conde Nast, New York Times Developers, Google Developers, O’Reilly Media and


We hope to use this space to identify and acknowledge the many speakers who have presented at our events (past, present and future). We hope this serves as both a thank-you to the speakers and a discovery-tool for peer groups that might be looking for speakers on related topics.